Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boston, you're my home!

This past weekend, my husband celebrated the big 3-0! His family came to visit and we enjoyed a magical weekend in Beantown. On April 15th, I was singing my heart out to Sweet Caroline & Dirty Water during the Sox game. I was squealing with delight that it was one of my favorite holidays. I was cheering (and tearing up) at the Marathon runners. Then 2:49 p.m. happened. I was far enough away to be safe, but still heard both blasts and knew in my bones something was really wrong. What a nightmare.

This city, the people that live here, protect it and love it are beyond amazing. Walking around Boylston Street this weekend was both heartbreaking and uplifting. The city felt alive, healing, in a place of appreciation and love. In memory of those lost and hurt in this horrific tragedy and in celebration of all the heroes out there, I am donating 20% of any prints purchased, gift certificates bought or sessions booked from now until May 15th to the One Fund Boston. Because Boston, you're my home.

Love you, Boston. xox

So much happiness!!

This munchkin and his adorable family exude happiness and bring joy to those around them. We spent the day hanging around the Newton Town Hall and library, exploring, jumping, blowing bubbles, checking out the red car (the looked a bit like Lightening McQueen!) and lots of laughing!

Can I take it for a spin, Mom?

Ode to "The Breakfast Club"

Ah! So cute!! Love you guys!! xox