Monday, March 30, 2015

Confession of a Photographer Mom

I have a confession: I have taken thousands of pictures of my daughter. That's not the confession (nor is that super surprising, I'm sure!). The confession is about 75% of these pictures have been taken with my phone. It's a matter of convenience: my phone is typically in the same room as us & I can easy send pictures and videos to family on it. But when we had our 10th snowy weekend in a row, I pulled out my beloved Nikon and we had a "fancy" photoshoot! I wanted to capture this last baby stage before the teeth pop, the crawling starts and she inches closer to becoming a toddler. The rolls, the favorite toys & books, the faces she makes right now. It's all so fast, I ache to preserve each the smallest bit on film.

I love you so, ladybug. Always.