Thursday, October 25, 2012

Head-shots X 3

I've been having a blast photographing people for their head-shots! It's such a different way to catch someone's personality on camera. Here are some of my recent favorites...

Is there anything cuter than a three year old's headshot? I think not.

Keep your eyes peeled on stage & screen for these faces!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four boys and a Photographer

I love, love, love these boys. I have known them since the oldest was 3 & they are one of those incredible families that make me want four boys. We had soooo much fun and please note the 50's diner- that's in their basement!! See, incredible!!


I laughed so much on this shoot, my stomach muscles were sore. Love you guys!! xox

Children's Book Characters

If you are a children's book author looking for inspiration, look no further than these two kiddos! So sweet, so cute, so belong in a book! Adorable!!

I had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for hanging out with me! xox

Friday, October 12, 2012

City of Angels

My first love, before my husband, before photography, before chai tea, was theater. When I was seven, I was cast as Gillian in Gillian's Island and was bit hard by the acting bug. All growing up, I did all types of theater- one acts, musicals, Forensics (competitive speech and debate, not the other definition) and loved them all. I haven't performed in awhile, but my love is no less. So when this lovely lady needed head-shots for her move to LA, I was super excited! A way to merge my new love and old love! And just FYI- keep your eyes out for this one; I wouldn't be surprised if you saw her on T.V. soon!

It blows me away that she can rock the hat AND the jacket. Amazing!

 I recognize that the two pictures below are not head-shots, but I looooooove them!! 

Look out, L.A., you got an incredible lady heading your way! 

Slacker = me

Well, not exactly. I have been super-duper busy... just not on the blogging side of things! Here are two adorable sisters AND they are in matching outfits!! I love spending time with these two.

I feel like a really serious conversation is going on in this one. 
I know everyone loves pictures where everyone is smiling, but this is one of my all-time favorites. My friend did not want to share the pumpkin and she was having some big feeling about that! Years down the road, this picture is going to make everyone laugh. 

And then we made the pumpkin a "sharing pumpkin" and all was right in the world!