Friday, July 27, 2012

A little more about me

As with any business, it's important to get to know your clients. I also believe that your clients should know about me beyond the fact that I love photography. Here are some facts:

*Sometimes I edit pictures in a tiara while listening to Pandora's 90's pop station. And by sometimes, I mean most times.
*I love anything sparkly; shoes, pencils, my wedding rings, mod podge, and the like.
*Unless the directions tell me not to, I write with colorful Sharpie pens.
*I love to read.
*I can touch my tongue to my nose.
*Once upon a time I lived in a castle in the Netherlands.
*I love to cook.
*I don't believe in using umbrellas.
* I love Tom Hanks.
*I name my electronics. My new camera is named Dulica Sutherland Leibovitz Riccio, Dolly for short. My computer is named Hermione.
*I love blue hoodie sweatshirts.

And now you know more about moi.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5th birthday!!

Turning 5 is a big deal in my book. It's a whole hand! And it's a reason to celebrate! He wanted an Earth theme party & his family delivered. It was such a thoughtful, beautiful, fun party. I was so excited to photograph it (and to eat cake). Happy, happy birthday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

I believe that children are at their most adorable in the summer. The clothes, the activities; they all cry out, "CUTE!!"  Yesterday was the perfect day for this beach shoot, even the water on Nantasket Beach felt refreshing (well, not so much for my little friend!). I love this child and his amazing red hair and his mom. Love, love, love!!

                                    "Watching the tide roll away, wasting time..."

I can't think of a better way to spend a summer's day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday in the Park...

Two things I adore- hanging out with adorable children and The Public Garden. Combine them? Whoa! You have a Super-duper Sunday in my book! You will see these faces again as this family is doing a Year of Memories; one shoot per season. An important part of my business is making sure I am giving back to the community by donating my time and photography. This package was donated to the incredible school I worked at for five years. I was super excited when this family won! This was their summer shoot...

 I can not wait for our fall shoot!!